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PROJECT TYPE:  Residential refurbishment
AUTHORS:  Antonio La Gioia, Alessia Bergamin
LOCATION:  Poblenou, Barcelona
YEAR:  2017
BUILT AREA:  70 sqm
CLIENT:  Private
CONTRACTOR:  Cosy Barcelona
PHOTOS:  Alessia Bergamin


The purpose of the project was to design a house with a higher level of privacy and more servant spaces, without sacrificing the perception of this space as a single space with no partitions and only one column in the middle.

The functional diagram originated from the central column, which generates 4 quadrants to which the main functional areas of the house have been assigned: kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom. With the intention of making the scheme explicit, the main ceiling beams and the metal columns have been left exposed and painted in black, clearly contrasting with the light colours of the house.

The spaces have been configured through wooden furniture that does not reach the ceiling with their opaque parts, thus maintaining the continuity of the upper horizontal plane and allowing the perception of the unit of the containing space of the house.
At the same time, the use of transparent parts even in the lower part of the wall-furniture has allowed not to interrupt certain visuals outwardly and to maintain the relation with the perimeter of the containing box.



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